Clay Pot Cooking – An Efficient Way To Cook


Clay pots make very good investments for those who love cooking. The earthenware is not only beautiful and inexpensive, but they also come with several advantages such as retaining the natural taste of foods assuring you of delicious meals every time. They are basically pots crafted from clay breaking from the modern materials most kitchenware is made from. When using the clay pots for your cooking, you stand to enjoy several benefits.

· The clay they are made from is porous and this makes it possible for moisture and heat to circulate all through the cooking pot without losing it. They cook the food slow and evenly as a result.

· The cooking pots neutralize the pH balance in food considering that the clay is naturally alkaline. The acidity in most foods is thereby eliminated making the food friendlier to the stomach. Acidic foods take on a natural sweetness thanks to the clay pots making them more enjoyable.

· These pots give you the opportunity to enjoy healthy and tasty food. This is simply because they manage to retail the nutrients during cooking.

· The walls of the clay pots are bad heat conductors and hence your warm food will retain the heat for a little longer while cold foods remain colder for longer. You won’t have to worry about over heating or overcooking your food when using the pots which is how the mineral and vitamins in your food are retained.

· You will enjoy juicier food considering that the pots retain the moisture content. Fresher and tender foods are what you stand to enjoy with clay pot cooking. The manufacturers advise on soaking the pot for at least 15 minutes before use. This helps in saturating the pores with enough water creating steam during cooking and food moisture is thereby sealed.

· When using the pots for your cooking, you won’t have to use any oil to take care of stickiness as it is usually the case. They come with a non-sticky natural property. If you are on a mission to cut weight through reduction of bad cholesterol in your food, the pots will make your cooking even easier.

Chicken recipes make amazing choices when cooking in a clay pot. You will enjoy tender, fresher and juicier chicken when using a good pot. You can actually use the pots conveniently in your oven and stove without any worries and still get excellent results. Chicken rice recipes come out amazingly well with the pots, but you can practically try out any other recipe you find best. The secret to getting the best results with your chicken recipes is to use the instructions of use. Soaking the pots before use is of utmost importance. You also should make sure that you can use your pots in the oven if you wish to bake your chicken on any other heat source. It will make sure you do not end up damaging the pots. Always check on the instructions as soon as you buy or before buying so you get the best for your needs.

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