The thought of food is usually a great comfort to most of us while the idea of dieting to lose weight is somewhat of a drag. Yet we know that bodies that build up fat around the vital organs are a disaster. Fatty livers, for instance, can lead to cancer while other organs, such as the heart, may suddenly fail. Recently tests confirmed that my pancreas has fat induction and that frightens me as my sister died recently of pancreatic cancer.

Despite that the thought of dieting is still appalling. The thought that so many who are carrying excess weight must face the same dilemma does not help. It’s a matter of will power and health related self-discipline and yet something makes me want to rebel against it.

Low calorie food is always in my freezer to avoid having to prepare such meals myself. This helps as they are generally delicious and take very little preparation. The question is how good are they in the long run.

On the advice of others cutting out sugar from my diet has seen some kilograms drop off. Salt is another non-essential when preparing my own meals. Living, however, in a cold climate is part of my problem along with the fact that sitting for long hours at the computer writing is extremely weight inducing.

In the last few months a gym has provided a healthy alternative and disciplining myself to go every day when possible is producing some results. Only through dieting, however, can I ever hope to get the fat off and an understanding of low-calorie food intake is the only way to do it. My research shows that on the whole they are pretty good value and sticking to them is a good alternative.

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