Non-Americans Are Sharing Things Americans Aren’t Ready To Hear, And Buckle Up, Their Opinions Are Absolutely Brutal

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Non-Americans have some strong opinions and questions when it comes to the US, and according to this viral Reddit thread, they’re not afraid to show it.


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Here are some of the top-voted responses:

1.“A lot of your favourite food brands make better versions of their products here. America often gets the short end of the stick.”


“American living in Germany — can confirm. Philadelphia cream cheese is so much better here!”


2.“You are the ‘foreigner’ for me and around 220 countries.”


“Apparently, they aren’t ready to hear that people from countries that aren’t ‘America’ don’t consider themselves as being from ‘foreign’ countries.”


3.“American bathroom stalls are exposed AF. A grown man could crawl under one of ’em, and the vertical gap has a big enough gap to make full-on eye contact with anyone walking by.”

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4.“Many other countries get minimum four weeks of paid vacation leave for employees and paid maternity leave — even for the father.”


5.“Staying alive isn’t something that should cost more than the person’s net worth.”


“You live in the main global superpower. A country that can wipe a lot of other places off the map. Your country has so much wealth — yet people die of treatable health problems because they can’t afford to go to the doctor.”


6.“The amount of food you waste is wild.”

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7.“The way you add tax to everything at the till is mental. Just tell me what it costs on the fricking label!”


8.“Treating your president like someone you worship is bizarre. As an Aussie, I don’t understand worshipping the royals, either.”


9.“The US is a great place to be rich and a bad place to be poor.”


10.“The quality of your fast food is absolutely horrible compared to that of Canada’s. I’m referring to the same chains: Burger King, McDonald’s, etc.”

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11.“You DO have an accent.”


12.“It’s okay to have healthcare not tied to your employment with a massive, fat middleman in between.”


13.“School shootings are an almost uniquely American problem. The rest of the world is disgusted. Truly. The need for children to practice ‘active shooter drills’ is an unfathomable sci-fi dystopian horror for us.”



Someone cups their mouth to shout


“Americans can always be identified before you see them by their loud voices. I grew up in America, moved to Ireland around 12 years ago, and have learned quite a bit in my time. Now, I see these fresh-off-the-boat American tourists shouting all the time, and I just think, ‘Was I that bad?’ and ‘Why are they so loud?'”


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15.“Forcing students to go into debt for further education is disgusting. One should be able to get more education without having to risk never financially recovering.”


16.“You all eat too much sugar.”


“I lived in the US for six months. Shortly after moving, I bought a loaf of bread and made a sandwich, but it was so sweet! I told my housemates that I think I’d accidentally bought a dessert bread. They tried it. NOPE — regular bread. It was just FULL of sugar!”


17.“Seriously though, why is it so expensive to call an ambulance?”


18.“Tipping in America is BS. Owners of restaurants and places need to pay normal wages.”

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19.“Your lack of a cohesive trade union movement screws your lowest-income workers and allows/encourages your political parties to pander only to the elite.”


20.“Your education system is far worse than you think.”


“Not just worse, but also really, really bad in terms of metrics and history.”


21.“The world doesn’t revolve around your country.”


22.“Not everyone speaks English in the rest of the world. Learn another language; it’s good for the soul and the brain.”

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“The worst part is when they make fun of or belittle foreigners for their accents or incorrect choice of vocabulary — when they only speak English and said foreigner speaks two or more languages already.”


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23.“The World Series only happens in the US.”


24.“If you tell me you’re Polish, but you were born in USA, never went to Poland, never learned the language, and you don’t give a f*ck? Yeah, you’re not Polish — you’re American. Same goes for any other nationality.”


“Just because your grandma or whatever was Irish/Italian/German etc., doesn’t mean you’re Irish/Italian/German etc. — and that’s okay.”


And finally…

25.“We aren’t jealous of you, like, at all.”


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WHEW. What do you think of these points? Non-Americans, what are some other things Americans aren’t ready to hear? Let us know in the comments below.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.