Soul Fire Food Co. expands business to a permanent storefront

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A mobile food truck is expanding its business to a permanent storefront.

Soul Fire Food company plans to continue serving up barbecue food around southeast Topeka.

You used to find Soul Fire Food company in their mobile food truck in the parking lot of dollar general on southeast 25th street.

Now married duo Tim and Ambroja Watson are set up in a storefront across the street.

“Part of our business plan was to be consistent and stay there. In doing so, it worked, we have been forced to expand,” Ambroja said.

“It’s really just community support and the demand for the good food and good barbecue. Tim has really done a good job of trying to maintain the small spaces that we were using and utilizing,” Ambroja explained. “So, for us to be in this building right now it’s like a breath of fresh air in so many different ways.”

Ambroja says customers can look forward to menu favorites, plus some new additions, and products from other small businesses.

“We really want to support the small businesses. We are looking to really ramp up the availability for our local entrepreneurs,” Ambroja added. “This space that you see right now, we will be having available for small business meetings, wedding showers, baby showers, things of that nature. So we will not be dining in his space. we will keep it a take-out only. So the hours that we are not open we will have available for rentals.”

The family business wanted to stay in the area they live.

“Well we serve where we live – that’s definitely something that fosters home for us. We live in a HI-Crest neighborhood and what better place than right across the street from where we were,” Ambroja emphasized.

“The southeast side is definitely something that’s tinder to our hearts like I said we’re resident of HI-Crest. This community specifically has been super supportive,” she explained.

Plus, there will be plenty of food for everyone to enjoy.

“We won’t be selling out as soon as we were on the truck. That was one of the biggest and best challenges to have as a business is that we would sell out all the time on the truck, so we will not be selling out as soon as we used to,” she emphasized. “We have the availability to continue to cook a little bit longer and re-up on what we need to do for our product so we’re excited.”

Soul Fire Food company’s new location is 2511 southeast California avenue. The grand opening is July 2nd – July 3rd.

The company will keep the food truck for private events and may return it to a full schedule, once the restaurant is fully staffed.

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