Gifts that we all would like to get but never receive.

Gifts that will be remembered as special and unique.

Great gifts for individuals, couples, seniors, and youth.

We have all received gifts which are nice, but just don’t stand out as being something special and imaginative. I have put together some ideas that may help assure the next gift you give will be remembered as something really special and unique.

Here you will gain ideas for everyone: individuals, couples, seniors, and also for the young and young at heart. With just a little imagination you should be able to find something here for anyone. Remember, it’s not the cost of the gift that matters, but the fact that you gave it a lot of thought and came up with something unique and appropriate for that individual.

Hopefully, these tips will assist you in all your gift giving in the future. Once you start thinking outside the box and let your imagination go, you’ll be surprised at just how easy it will be to come up with that perfect gift for anyone. While I have included some of the more traditional gift ideas, there are many unique and unusual items that should help your gift be one that is remembered for years to come.

Personal Gifts

1. Makeup session – perfect for any woman, regardless of age. Any of the larger retailers selling cosmetics are quite willing to help with this. Each of the individual brands sold in these stores has representatives who specialize in this area.

2. Hair styling – always a welcome gift. This is probably one of the easiest to arrange. If you know of a place that is a favorite, talk to them and set it up and all your work is done.

3. Makeover – great idea, but be sure they will not take it the wrong way. Really special for someone that will appreciate it, but you need to know that they want this one. Check with your better clothing retailers on this since they often have makeup, hair stylist, and clothing all on site.

4. Day at a spa – a welcome gift for anyone. Your better retailers and hair salons will be able to direct you if you can’t find a place on your own.

5. Gym membership – good idea for all. With the proliferation of these everywhere, there should be no problem with this one. However, be aware that some are known as big MUSCLE places and they tend to intimidate most, so select one that will appeal to the intended user.

6. Personal trainer – an extra you can add for those already at the gym. If they already have a membership, go in and talk to the manager on duty and tell them what you want and they will be more than glad to set it up.

7. Auto club membership – something all of us would enjoy. This is especially good for women, simply as a safety issue, or new or young drivers who feel this can wait until later when they can afford it.

8. Tuition for a semester of school – what a super idea. If you have someone in an academic school or taking a course in any field than this is always a pressing issue and will definitely be appreciated.

9. Gift certificate for clothing – better than trying to guess what they like. If you know a special place they like to shop than that’s the place to go.

10. Gift certificate for computer accessories – they know exactly what they need. Why take a chance on something wrong when you can make it so easy for both of you, and they can get just the right thing the first time and not have to exchange it.

11. Sewing lessons – this one will last forever. Great idea for the young also. This is one that they will be able to use over and over again. Most of the sewing machine companies offer lessons at their stores and all of the larger fabric stores offer them also.

12. Quilting lessons – good for all, seniors and youth alike. This could go beyond just lessons and become a social event. Talk to the fabric stores and sewing machine retailers for locations. The local community center may also be helpful.

13. Defensive driving course – this one could possibly lower their insurance bill. Check with the local Dept. of Motor Vehicles for locations or ask at the local driving schools.

14. Racecar driving lessons – especially good for the guys, but don’t think they are the only ones who would be thrilled to receive this as a gift. If there is an auto racetrack near then this is the place to go and if not, than see about traveling to one, because this one is too good to pass up.

15. Martial arts lessons – for any age, guys & gals. These have sprung up everywhere and can easily be found in the yellow pages.

16. Sky diving lessons – for the bold and brave and age should not matter. Look at the small local airfields for this or the yellow pages.

17. Computer lessons – wonderful for a senior who may not have had the early training that younger generations have. Many of the local community centers and universities offer classes for both seniors and youth. Don’t think that they already know everything. Many of these classes offer exactly what they wish they knew.

18. Dance lessons – how exciting is this? Choose from Ballroom, Latin, C&W. Besides the traditional dance schools there are numerous smaller studios and even private dance clubs and community centers offering these lessons.

19. Music lessons – we all wish we had these. Most local music stores selling instruments can help with this. They often will provide the instrument, either included in the lesson fee or for an additional rental fee.

20. Horseback riding lessons – always a real treat. Harder to find in some areas, but well worth the effort, especially for the young. Don’t forget about the adults for this one because this is a great way to exercise.

21. Cooking lessons – perfect for anyone who likes to improve on what they already know. There is no age limit on improving. If you have trouble finding this, ask at the local schools offering home economics classes or some of the community centers or restaurants.

22. Flying lessons – another one for the adventurous. This needs a local airfield. Look in the yellow pages. It might be just outside their immediate area but will be a wonderful gift if you can make it happen.

23. Boating lessons – when it comes to safety, your never too old or too young. Choose between motorized & sailing. If they live near a large lake or river or on one of the coasts than any of the boating sales dealers in their area should be able to direct you to the right place for this.

24. Indoor climbing lessons -anyone who enjoys something exciting and challenging will go for this one. Most of the larger sporting stores can help you find this. Some of them offer it right there in the building.

25. Art / Painting lessons – for those who always wished the had them. If there isn’t an art school in the area, try the local universities or the local art galleries, art supply stores or craft supply retailers.

General Gifts

26. White water rafting trip – wonderful for a family or any group. Talk to the local sporting goods retailers or look in the weekend newspapers for a guide of activities.

27. Tour bus trip of a major city – especially good for seniors who have walking issues, but by no means limited by age when it comes to enjoyment. These arrangements can be made through any travel agent and they are a perfect resource for finding just the right one.

28. Weekend for two at the beach or lake – excellent for couples. Just the thing for those who never seem to have time for themselves. Use a travel agent or sometimes you can find ads in the local papers under the heading of “Vacations” or “Time Shares”

29. Dinner for two – works for any age. Again this is great for the busy person always on the go. Select a really nice place and let them enjoy a special meal without any of the fuss.

30. Camping trip – a relaxing getaway for the family or any group. Talk to the local sporting goods retailer or call the nearest national, state, or county park. If they do not already have equipment than see about renting it from a dealer. Also, some of the parks have cabins and there are RV’s available for rent at some of those dealers.

31. Bowling for two – enjoyed by all. This could be a couple, entire family, or just the young ones, they will all love it.

32. Trip for two to a major city, with hotel – a real treat for anyone. Travel agents are your best bet. They can set it up from start to finish.

33. Fishing trip on a chartered boat – good for individual, family or any group or couple. Talk to local boat retailers. Look in the yellow pages.
If there is a marina close than someone in the office should be able to help.

34. Day or night at the races – especially good if they have never been before. If there is a track near by, either horses, auto, or greyhound, than go for it. Sometimes if it’s in a neighboring area they have charter busses available for transportation.

35. Trip to an observatory – both interesting and educational at the same time, for any age. This one is for the young and old alike. It’s one of those things most people would like to do sometime but just never get around to it. Check at the local university for information about where to find one. Another resource might be the local weatherperson on television. Call the station and tell them why you need to talk to that individual and you just might be surprised.

Tickets for Two

36. Play – something local should be wonderful. There are many local theater groups springing up everywhere. The universities also have theater arts and often offer productions.

37. Concert – how exciting is this? Choose from Rock, Classical, or Pop. These are usually well advertised. They often sell out early so don’t delay getting tickets.

38. Auto show – terrific for the auto buff. A good bet for any of the guys on your list, and the women and children like this one also.

39. Horseback trail ride – wonderful for getting out into nature. They may need to travel a bit for this since it’s usually out in the country. This could be combined with a camping trip.

40. Opera – if this is their thing, you will make their day. This is really popular with opera buffs and sells out early so don’t wait too long to get tickets.

41. Ballet – especially liked by young girls and the not so young also. If you can find a performance of something like “Dracula” (yes, it really does exist) the men and boys will really enjoy that. Again, don’t delay getting tickets or they will be gone.

42. Ice show – get ready because everyone wants this one. Really wonderful and desired by all. This is another one that sells out early, so don’t waste time, get tickets early.

43. Circus – childhood dreams can come true. Enjoyed by young and old alike and together. Great gift for the entire family.

44. Big horse show – something different for many people. If they live in an area where one of these takes place than here is a chance to see something a little out of the ordinary.

45. Movie – good old standby, and appreciated more than you might think. With the increased prices, many have scaled back on this so you might be surprised at just how much this gift will be appreciated.

Automobile Gifts

46. New hubcaps – appreciated by any car enthusiast. These can be found at tire dealers or try some of the car magazines.

47. New paint job – who wouldn’t want this? If they have an older car than this just might be perfect. Check the yellow pages.

48. Tune up – always needed, especially by the younger drivers. Anyone who owns a car has a need for this.

49. Repairs – what a wonderful treat. If you know that this is needed than why not. Always a good idea.

50. Tires – a good bet for any car owner. Just like everything else in this category, a best bet, because everything is always needed.

More Extravagant Gifts

51. Cruise – for that special person. Your travel agent is the place to go for getting this in a tidy package with all the details included.

52. Tour of another country – wonderful idea for anyone. Again the travel agent is the place to go.

53. Remodel a room – fantastic and long lasting. If you don’t already have a resource go to the local home supply dealer. Many of them can provide this service. If you use someone you do not know, be sure to check out references.

54. Landscaping – really special for the homeowner who just never got around to it. Talk to a local garden center about this.

55. Trip to a dude ranch – quite popular and exciting these days, especially for the city folks. Here is another one for the travel agent.


When searching for your unusual gifts it sometimes is necessary to do some creative shopping. Many times you wont find these items at the normal retailers. Remember, you are looking for the special and unusual. That won’t be on the next shelf. You need to go that extra step to make it happen.

The Internet is a great place to shop for the type of things you are looking for. You can find just about anything listed on eBay or one of the other auction sites. Another place to go is

Don’t forget to seek out the community centers or sporting goods dealers. They can be a huge help for outdoors type gifts. The local universities are another source of information. It simply takes a little extra effort, but it will all be worth it when you come up with that great gift.

You will learn to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you see how delighted people are when they receive their best gift ever.

Not to be outdone by any of these, of course, I have my own products to market. If you would be interested in giving a gift that could possibly benefit the health of those you care about, visit or contact me through my website.
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