Woods Country Kitchen opens as new soul food restaurant in Dunlap

One night in late June, Amber Woods awoke from a dream she could not shake. In that dream she and her husband Sterlyn opened a restaurant in Dunlap

She explained the dream to her husband, who listened but did not think much of it at first. But Amber couldn’t let it go. She says she “got on his nerves about it.” 

Later that same week, Sterlyn Woods was driving down Fourth Street in Dunlap when he saw a spot for sale, fully equipped for a kitchen, in the gas station he used to work at. He wondered if this spot could make his wife’s dream become reality. 

He brought his wife to the location and upon seeing it she said she had deja vu. 

“This is it,” she told him, this was the place she saw in her dream. 

Within days they’d purchased the location, and soon after The Woods Country Kitchen opened its doors for business inside the Eagle’s Square Gas Station across from Dunlap High School

Sterlyn and Amber Woods work the counter at their new restaurant The Woods Country Kitchen in the Eagle's Square Gas Station in Dunlap.

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Woods family seizes opportunity to fulfill dream

For years Amber Woods has been cooking for family and friends. Every birthday and occasion family, friends and even strangers would come to their house and eat her cooking for free. They seemed to love it, so why not try doing it for money?