11 Indian Breads for Diwali

These 11 Indian Bread Recipes are the perfect accompaniment to any Diwali table. Parathas, rotis, kulchas and naans – there’s something here for everyone.

Picture collage showing four bread recipes photographs with text overlay

Lachha Paratha

Lachha Parathas served on a plate with curry and onions

Flaky, layered paratha that’s crispy through and through. It’s made with just four ingredients and looks gorgeous as you can see multiple layers in each paratha.

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Chilli Garlic Cheese Stuffed Kulcha

Closeup of kulcha brushed with butter on a plate

Chilli Garlic Cheese Stuffed Kulchas have a garlicky, melted cheesy center thats encased in the softest bread. These Amritsari Kulchas work best with chana masala or matra

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How to make the Perfect Pooris

Pooris served on a plate with aloo bhaji, onions

Craving fully puffed up crispy pooris but haven’t quite mastered the technique yet? Here’s the Perfect Poori 101 with tips on how to make the dough for poori, how to roll the pooris, best way to fry them, and pairing options!

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Instant No Yeast Naan in 30 minutes

Pieces of the no yeast Naan that is prepared in 30 minutes.

Instant No Yeast Naan bread recipe which doesn’t require any yeast or eggs and takes only 30 minutes from start to finish and can be made on the gas stove in a skillet. No oven or tandoor.

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Soft Rotis – How to make them at home

Soft puffy rotis stacked on a plate

Making soft rotis at home only needs two ingredients – atta (wholemeal wheat flour) and water. From kneading the dough to rolling them out and cooking them, the entire process takes approx 10-15 minutes with some resting time in between. Once you master this skill, homemade bread is never far away!

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Kasuri Methi Parathas | Fenugreek Flatbread

Warm Kasuri Methi parathas that make for a healthy and a homely meal.

Recipe for easy, flavorful kasuri methi parathas or fenugreek flatbread. No yeast or eggs required and they only take minutes!

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Ladi Pav

Single ladi pav stacked on top of other baked ladi pavs

Ladi Pav is a Mumbai style dinner roll thats really soft, buttery and has a beautiful crumb. Its served traditionally with pav bhaji, misal pav or for vada pav

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Neer Dosa

Neer Dosas served on a plate with chutney and curry

Neer Dosa is a unique dosa recipe from Karnataka where the batter is only made from 3 ingredients – rice, coconut and water and doesn’t need any fermentation. These are like soft, thin, lacy french crepes but gluten-free and can also be made vegan. They are the perfect vehicle to soak up spicy curries.

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Perfect Idli Dosa Batter

Two picture collage with pictures of soft, fluffy idlis stacked on a plate and crispy dosas served on a banana leaf lined plate

Making idli dosa batter at home is incredible easy if you follow my timeline. This produces super soft idlis and incredibly crispy dosas every single time.

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Oats Dosa – Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Instant oats dosas served on a banana leaf lined plates with coconut chutney

Instant Oats Dosa is a fast, healthy breakfast recipe that’s spiced with ginger, cumin, curry leaves, onions and coriander. These have a lacy texture, are golden brown and really crispy!

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Whole Wheat Pita Bread

Picture of Whole wheat pita breads kept on a striped white kitchen cloth

Super fluffy and a whole lot healthier, this whole wheat pita bread is a game changer. This recipe is super easy and perfect for beginners too! Serve with some homemade hummus, falafel and salad for a delicious and heart-warming meal.

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