The Bible tells us that we human are unique individuals with unique talents and purpose. Likewise, in your kitchen you can see different accessories that totally different from each other and some are almost similar but differ on its function. One of these is the crawfish paddles. They are almost similar to other paddles but because of its specific function it becomes unique. Usually, it is defined as the tool or cooking accessory for pushing against liquids for mixing.

Cooking paddles do not have any clear records of its first appearance in the cooking world. However, it is clear to us that paddles exist long years ago but not as cooking paddles but a paddle for boats and/or for spanking. We may not be able to trace how it evolved to be a cooking accessory but we are lucky to have it in our kitchen for it helps us in mixing our ingredients in the pot. It helps the food to absorb the right savor. Like I said, they all come in variety sizes and where it is made of.

Paddles according to where it is made of:

Stainless steel paddles
It is ideal for mixing for it will not break or bend. Just make sure to buy the trusted stainless steel brand type of paddle. Choose the one preferred by many chefs.

Wooden cooking paddles
Some wooden paddles are made out of the acacia tree. This wooden paddle can be use in any food you cook. It could be use for boiling a tasty crawfish in your crawfish pot or for making jambalaya.

Combination Stainless and wood paddles
This version of paddle is the one that forces of wood and stainless steel is combined to give the best service for mixing activity at your cooking session.

The paddle types mentioned above comes in different sizes. Some are 31″, 35″ and 36″ long made out of wood paddles. You can also find a 42″, 46″, and 60″ stainless steel paddles in the market. You can always choose the right length of paddles needed in your cooking. Some shops also give customized made cooking paddles. That is why there are crawfish paddles made just for boiled crawfish and other Cajun food too.

Moreover, cooking paddles come already in forms according to its uses and according to its hand user. There are spreader paddle which can be use for mixing, spreading and cutting ingredients. There are pan paddle for frying pans and baking pans. There are pot scoops for stirring, serving, and baking. There are wedge too that serves as small cutting board and as a counter and safety tool.

There is a propeller paddle too that shows paddles original purpose in cooking and that is stirring. It sweeps and spins too. The wok paddle that is great for stir frying. There is what we called sprongs type paddle too that is helpful in serving specially salads.

Cooking paddles may just be an accessory to cooking but is certainly a big help in preparing our favorite food. The large and small paddles are just made for its own purpose. They cannot just be taken for granted.

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