One of the most popular and well-known health recommendations in the Edgar Cayce readings is the apple diet. But make no mistake, Cayce did not intend this three-day regimen to be a weight-loss strategy. The “diet” was recommended as a detox or purification routine that could make one feel more energetic and vital in a short period of time. It was particularly noted as a way to alkalize one’s system and help relieve oneself of chronic aches and pains. Overall, the apple diet seems to be almost a must for us all a few times a year, if for no other reason than it quite thoroughly cleanses and detoxifies the system.

Searching the Cayce readings on “apple diet” yields a mere twenty-four documents. Interesting that it has become one of the most well-known and applied of the Cayce “remedies.” I attribute this to the fact that it is an “easy” routine to follow and IT WORKS! Through the decades I believe that Cayce’s apple diet has enjoyed a tremendous amount of word-of-mouth endorsement from one individual to another. I personally do the apple diet three to four times a year. I actually enjoy the mental discipline it requires – and the feeling of health and “lightness” that results.

The first step in the diet is to get your apples! The readings identified the “jenneting” varieties of apples to be best for the routine. Two easily obtained apples within this category are Jonathan and Delicious. As I wrote this article, I decided to do a little research on “jenneting.” What exactly does the term mean? Basically these apples are those that ripen early in the season. The term jenneting is derived from the name Jean or John and is so named because these apples ripen on or before St. John’s Day, June 24! I love tidbits of information like this as much as apples!

The readings actually state that raw apples should always be eaten alone – never with other foods and never in conjunction with castor oils packs (some people have come to believe the opposite through misinformation – so please heed this admonition). As you can see from this quote, it’s an important one: ” Do not attempt to use the Apple Diet as a cleanser, if using the Oil Packs.” (543-27)

Basically, the diet is simple. Three days of apples (the right apples as mentioned above), plenty of water, and rest. Here’s one reading on the apple diet:

“It would be well for this body, even after this, to have a three-day apple diet, even in its weakened condition we need to clear the system. For this will get rid of the tendencies for neuritic conditions in the joints of the body. Also take the Olive Oil after the three-day diet. But don’t go without the apples – eat them – all you can – at least five or six apples each day. Chew them up, scrape them well. Drink plenty of water, and follow the three-day diet with the big dose of Olive Oil.” (1409-9)

The dose of olive oil is at the end of the diet. Two to three teaspoons is the general recommendation. Cold-pressed olive oil is much more palatable, so you should be sure to have that available. If you are on an oil-restricted diet, you can extend the apples for four to five days. I have never done this myself, but I imagine that the results would be quite noticeable and effective.

As mentioned above, rest is important during the apple diet. A “regular Apple Diet would be well for the body – but don’t try to work like a horse when you are on the Apple Diet! or else we will find it will be more detrimental than helpful!” (307-14)

What to Expect

Most people report that the first day is the most challenging in terms of appetite for other foods. A few others seem to feel a bit more challenged on the second day. Just about everyone, however, reports that on day three the feeling of lightness and energy is well worth the effort. So, here’s to your health. Let us know your experiences and results.

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