Farming is Cool Again – Invest While You Can

There was a time when 90% of employment was in agriculture. Most of our attention was based on it. Imagine — the stuff that keeps us alive actually being a central part of our lives! Now media is calling weird computer money mainstream, and the food we put in our bodies is somehow an “alternative investment.” Food is an alternative? Make that make sense.

For the average person today, dealing with money definitely makes more money than dealing with food. So the average person focuses on it. In the meantime, the people who make sure we still have great food — natural, delicious and nutritious food without all the plastic preservatives and animal cruelty — are underfunded. This is a shame. This is a tremendous opportunity. Let’s talk about both.

The Problem with Food

I’ve had the great opportunity to travel the world. I’ve been to rich and poor countries. Guess which ones have better food? That’s right — the poor ones. The best-tasting fish I’ve ever had came from this little farm/restaurant in Novi Sad, Serbia. They raised their own fish on this beautiful farm and cooked it to order along with fresh vegetables and spices from herbs ground straight off the plant.

The food was more nutritious as well. I came into the meal as hungry as a horse, but I only ate half a plate. Study after study has shown that you eat less when the food is more nutrient-dense. Your body’s not looking for calories; it wants nutrients.

I won’t even eat fish in the U.S. I don’t trust it. I won’t eat the bread here either, or corn, or chicken or anything else I’ve seen Monsanto articles on. (Monsanto got bought out by Bayer, and they’re dropping the Monsanto name. Watch out for Bayer.)

There’s a huge problem with food in so-called developed countries. Instead of 90% of the people feeding 10%, we’ve got 10% feeding 90% (and the population has 10X’d since the beginning of the Industrial Age). That 10% is all companies that must prioritize efficiency over nutrition because they are trying to fill a huge demand with fewer people.

Fortunately, enough of us are sick of eating gross food to turn this paradigm around.

The Opportunity in Agribusiness

It’s becoming cool to farm again. There is good food out there, and most of it is coming from small farms that serve locally and maintain a personal quality standard. You’ve probably never heard of these farms, and there’s an initiative to change that as well.

AcreTrader is your way to invest in good food and make money doing it. The AcreTrader platform is set up to connect farmland initiatives with investors who are looking for great returns. Yes, agribusiness is bringing in higher returns than gold, AAA bonds, commercial real estate, and the S&P 500. Why? It’s a new investment. It’s hard to think of land as a new investment but think of it this way. Small farmers going up against Bayer, Nestle, Coca-Cola, and Kellogg’s with viable structures is a new thing. For quite some time, there was no money to be made in delivering quality food to society. Thanks to the power of the Internet and the Age of the Kickstart, now there is.

With AcreTrader, you choose what kind of farm you invest in. If you love fresh fruits and vegetables like me, that’s the farm you choose to back. If you have a problem getting quality meat, there’s an option for you. You play an active part in bringing good food to your table without needing to learn how to farm yourself. For someone like me with two left thumbs, this is a literal godsend.

What’s more, you are investing in an idea whose time has come. You don’t have to feel sorry for agribusiness — this isn’t a charity project. AcreTrader has done all of the hard work in finding sustainable, profitable operations. These are people who have already figured out their innovations. They just need people like us to help scale and distribute.

Wealth is Health

Investing in great food is investing in the heart and soul of society. Societies with better food are happier, more productive, and richer — both financially and emotionally. So are the families within those societies and the individuals within those families. Get it? That means you! You are making an active investment in you that pays off in multiple ways.

Take the time to go through AcreTrader to see exactly what the exciting “alternative” industry of agribusiness has to offer. The time to educate yourself is now. Once this goes mainstream, the returns get spread over a wider group of investors. Plus you don’t get bragging rights and the chance for free stuff from the farms.

Happy alternative investing!

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