After a long day in class I decided to take a walk in town sampling fast food joints so that I can get some snack. Walking through most of the fast food restaurant I realized they all serve the same food items but at different rates. These food items include pizza.

Pizza is a pastry case that is flat and then it is topped up with either beef, chicken, vegetables or cheese. The topping depends entirely on you, best pizza places in town include steers in Nairobi and gallitos. when you are in Mombasa and you feel like pizza I highly recommend ilcovo restaurant situated along the north coast.

In Mombasa we have a local pizza known as Mombasa pizza. This pizza is normally shallow fried.

A very popular fast food in Kenya is chips and chicken. Chips are made out of peeled potatoes that are cut into strips then deep fried in fat. The chicken is always grilled and when you top up with the tomato ketchup the lunch is so very ready. Chips can also be served with sausages.

Sandwiches are also fast food. A sandwich is made from bread and it can be filled with either beef, chicken, vegetables or a fruit such as avocado. For the best vegetable and fruit sandwich it is best served un toasted.

Your wondering what to take with chips – think samosa. It made from puff pastry that is filled with beef, chicken or vegetables after which it is deep fat fried. Best served hot. When you’re in Mombasa I recommend Inland dishes for fresh samosa.

When your stomach is in need of food at time we forget to watch what goes in our mouth and we order a burger. Burgers are made from bread that is topped up with beef, chicken or vegetables. The standard weight of the meat in the burger is 180gms. It is also eaten on its own or served with chips, which makes a recipe for junk food.

Ever been to an Indian or coastal restaurant, what you get as a fast food is chicken tikka. It basically chicken that has been marinated with spices then roasted in a special oven found in these restaurants. It is served on it own or with chips.

To keep a healthy life style I recommend fruit salads. The are also available in some selected fast foods. They are made from assorted fruits cut into cube then mixed together. They test best when served chilled.

Smoothies also come in handy in fast food restaurants. They are made by blending fruit then adding milk and yoghurt in them. Very nutritious.

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