Freeze dried strawberries: main things you should know

How Do You Make Freeze-Dried Fruit? -

Regarding a range of freeze-dried fruit options, freeze-dried strawberries are the most popular snacking option. Freeze-dried strawberries go through the freeze-drying or so-called lyophilization method, which includes sublimation, the process of evaporating frozen water. Sublimation occurs when strawberries freeze in a high-pressure vacuum chamber, then the temperatures gradually rise. Sublimation makes the solid ice evaporate as water vapor without the liquid state. Freeze-drying removes almost all moisture of strawberries without damage to their physical structure, allowing them to retain all their original flavor, aroma, and nutrients. As fresh strawberries continue ripening, the nutritional value can diminish over time. Freeze-dried strawberries, though, are made from fresh strawberries that are picked and flash-frozen at the peak of their ripeness, trapping in all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which remain inside the strawberries when they are freeze-dried. Also, as already mentioned, freeze-dried strawberries hold the same scent and flavor as their fresh counterparts. By the way, freeze-dried strawberries have a longer shelf life than fresh counterparts. Because freeze-dried strawberries contain a very small percent of their original moisture content, they, if packaged adequately enough, can last for years and even decades. Freeze-dried strawberries are more attractive to consumers than strawberries preserved by some other methods as freeze-dried berries can be easily rehydrated and eaten on their own or added to cereal, smoothies, salads, oatmeal, smoothies, and baked good recipes. Freeze-dried strawberries give meals sweetness and texture and load them with vitamins and minerals. To get all the benefits of freeze-dried strawberries, buy these strawberries at our website.