Kellogg’s Wendy’s Frosty Cereal, Reviewed

Kellogg's Wendy's Frosty Cereal, Reviewed

Cereal Eats: Wendy’s Frosty Cereal, Reviewed

Let me to re-introduce myself. My title is Jamelle Bouie, New York Instances columnist, and your humble cereal reviewer. This is an additional Severe Eats Cereal Evaluate.

If you’ve viewed these films just before, you know I like to select cereals that are novelties. They’re gimmick cereals. They’re plainly not truly intended to be eaten on a typical basis. So I am pretty excited to have with me the Wendy’s Frosty Cereal, which would seem to arrive from the tradition of cereals like Reese’s Puffs, and Cookie Crisp, and Oreo O’s—cereals that are explicitly meant to just be glorified candies. They’re desserts.

This arrives from Kellogg’s. It truly is not new, but it really is rather new. The box just isn’t too specific. Has some exciting Wendy’s information. I guess you could be interested in those people I’m not.

I are unable to envision any young ones that would be. On typical, about how a lot of Frosty treats does Wendy’s sell in the US for each 12 months? Decisions are 30 million, 130 million, or 260 million. My guess is likely to be 260 million. And the respond to…the solution is C, 260 million. There you go.

If you are not acquainted with these cereal assessments, I go by way of a sure course of action before I render a verdict. To start with, I open the box, and I get a sense of the aroma. Then I try the cereal dry. Then I place them in the bowl of milk, consuming them as you would at the desk. Then I have a bowl right here that is been sitting for a few minutes, and I will attempt [that]. Then I will style the milk to see if any of the flavor from the cereal seeps into it. It’s all really uncomplicated! And we’re heading to commence suitable now.

Let’s get a feeling of this aroma. Chocolate cereal, I am heading to hope you to smell like chocolate. And it does. It smells particularly like cocoa, not just for the milk’s chocolate, but, like, if you open up up a container of Hershey’s cocoa powder, [it] a lot more or significantly less smells like that. We’ve obtained marshmallows, and we got dry cereal.

Extremely chocolatey. No notion if it tastes like a Frosty, because I…[have] no notion. These are good. Check out these with some milk. I really feel like they’re skimping on the marshmallows simply because I only get a handful in here. But I’ll get a spoonful with marshmallows, as quite a few as I can. Let’s try out these.

…I suggest, these are wonderful, I would say. Kind of one note, just chocolate. But chocolate cereal is tough to defeat. Extremely sweet, which tends to make feeling with the 17 grams of sugar. That checks out. That’s out the way. Now we go to the section that I hate, which is seeking soggy cereal.

They keep up wonderful. Just about no difference with the freshly poured — I you should not know, the freshly milked? That sounds awful! — cereal. Remaining take a look at, milk take a look at. And yeah, it is like ingesting a glass of chocolate milk.

To some extent, none of this is a major surprise. It is really uncommon to get a undesirable chocolate cereal. Even the worst just one I can feel of, Cocoa Pebbles (which gets soggy definitely speedily), tastes excellent.

I almost certainly should really have eaten or experienced a Frosty in advance of I did this so I could have some kind of perception memory. But just as much as a chocolate cereal goes, I imagine this is best-tier. I’m likely to give this 4 and 1/2 spoons. I’m going to give my common admonition in this article. Don’t try to eat these for breakfast. This is a deal with, and you must address it as this kind of. Getting mentioned that, as much as novelty dessert cereals go, I’m going to give this just one a high advise. It is genuinely excellent.

All over again, I’m Jamelle Bouie and this has been a further Severe Eats Cereal Assessment. I will be back with one thing else that I will regret placing into my overall body.

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