Let’s go on a food journey together. Say hello to the new food reporter in town

Tiramisu at The Twisted Olive

Tiramisu at The Twisted Olive

Hi, I’m Kelsey Davis, the new food reporter. You may know me from my recent role as About magazine editor, which I held for just over eight years. With the magazine ending and my love for food, it was a natural fit for me to fill the role of food reporter. I should note that Ed Balint, who has been covering food and entertainment news, hasn’t gone anywhere. There’s a lot of news happening around food and entertainment, so he’s focusing solely on entertainment news now.

I’ve always had a passion for food, whether it’s eating it, cooking it or talking about it. While working for the magazine, my favorite issues always were the ones focused on food, especially the annual Feast Awards. And I’m the type of person who remembers food just as much as the attractions from my vacations.

When I think back on some of my favorite memories, they involve food or a local restaurant. I think of the calm mornings after yoga when I’ve enjoyed a chai from Muggswigz or the times I’ve sat alone on my lunch break devouring a delicious sandwich and cookie while reading at Deli Ohio or the times I’ve snuck away from my desk while working to grab a treat from Sprinkle City. I especially love the Saturday mornings that my husband and I have indulged in some sweets from Johnnie’s Bakery.

Ask someone if they’ve been to a good restaurant lately or if they’ve tried a new recipe, and chances are they will tell you all about the best meal they just had at a new restaurant or a “favorite” of theirs from a local restaurant that you just have to try.

I want to be that friend to you, even if we don’t know each other. I want to be your food influencer. I want to be the first to tell you about the new bakery you have to check out, or the new coffee shop that just opened, or the beloved restaurant that just expanded or relocated. Think of me as your local food guide, in a sense. We’ll go on this journey together. I’ll share pictures and mouthwatering descriptions; just don’t drool all over your phone or keyboard.

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In this space, I will share all food-related news. I’m excited to take you on my food adventures, as I review local restaurants, cover Q&As with restaurant owners, go behind the scenes in the restaurant industry and cover food trends and seasonal bites. If a new restaurant is coming to town or one is sadly closing, I’ll be right there to break the news.

Please reach out! I’d love to hear about your favorite restaurants, dishes, coffee shops, etc. Send all inquiries to [email protected]. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to cover them, but I’d love to know what you love.

This article originally appeared on The Repository: Let’s go on a food journey together. Welcome the new food reporter