Lord Swaminarayan – For Protection of Spiritual Law and Devotion


Lord Swaminarayan was the son of Dharamdev and Bhakti Mata, born in Chappaya village near Ayodhya (district in Northern India) on April 2nd 1781.

He left his house and went to forest at the age of 11 years for better mankind. He started journey with only dhoti (loin cloth) and kamandal in his hand. His journey of 7 years, 1 month and 11 days went all over in India.He traveled to Himalaya in north, Rameshwar temple in south,Goddess Kamakshi Temple at banks of ganga river in east and finally ended at Loj ( village near somnath temple ) after visiting Lord Shiva’s Somnath temple in west. He traveled almost 8000 miles bare foot.

During his journey he enriched the society with purity in thoughts, food, habits, removing addiction of tobacco and alcohol, blind faiths, immortality, inertness, corruption, theft and dacoit etc.

Ramanand Swami, his preceptor (Guru) gave him to control and manage entire Udhava religious discipline when Lord Swaminarayan was of merely 21 years old.

What Lord Swaminarayan do?

Like in his pervious incarnation as Lord Krishna, destroyed demons where as Lord Swaminarayan destroyed demonic inclinations and turned to divine ones.
He lifted barrier between upper class (Brahmin) and backward class ( Shudra )..
He stopped killing of animals especially as offering in front of deities or god.
Lots of welfare activities like creating free food centers, tanks, wells and temples.

Rules to follow

To follow spiritual law and keep devoted to god

Main thing is this has to be done by all of us for beautiful mankind

  1. NOT to drink wine, liquor or any intoxicating drug of any sort in any form in any case, NOT even as a medicine.
  2. NOT to eat meat in any form in any case. NOT even as the offerings of evil deities or sacrifice or as a medicine to save one’s own life.
  3. To abstain from adultery. NOT to keep close contact with ladies except the nearest relatives.
  4. NOT to steal even a smallest thing. Even the worthless flowers should NOT be taken for offerings to deities without the permission of the owner.
  5. NOT to take food and drinks from improper persons and by improper sources.

11 daily rules followers of Lord Swaminarayan should follow:

  1. Be non-violent by any means.
  2. Do not have any kind of relationship with other women other than your wife.
  3. Do not eat meat, i.e. including seafood, poultry products, eggs.
  4. Do not drink products that contain alcohol, i.e. wine, beer, medicine that contains alcohol.
  5. Never touch widow woman whom you do not know.
  6. Never commit a suicide in any circumstances.
  7. Do not steal things that belong to others.
  8. Never blame others for something that you may not know about.
  9. Never bad mouth about God, Goddesses, or any religion.
  10. Never eat someone’s food who does not follow these eleven rules established by Lord Shree Swaminarayan in Shikshapatri.
  11. Never listen holy stories from a person who does not believe in the existence of God, i.e. a person who is an atheist.

Looking forward to follow rules and be honest in life. You will find god is every time watching you and will definitely help to fulfill all your desires for better prospect.

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