Olive Street restaurant scores with soul food

When The Grub Spouse and I pulled into the parking area at Olive Street Soulful Market & Deli, we saw puffs and curls of white billowing from the outdoor smoker. When we got out of the Grubmobile, the smells only quickened our footsteps to this neighborhood store and eatery, which is about a block north of 5th Avenue.

Inside, the owner greeted us and introduced himself and his wife, and I’m sorry to say the names went in one ear and out the other, as I already had my nose buried in the handout menu.

Soul food is certainly well represented by a lineup of items that can be served either on a bun or on a plate with sides. Dishes include pulled pork and chicken from smoker, fish, ribs, chicken and dumplings, ham hocks, fried green tomatoes and wings. You’ll also find several sandwiches like tuna, hoagies, bologna and chicken salad as well as a selection of burgers and hot dogs.

Meatloaf, fried okra and cole slaw are on the menut at the Olive Street Soulful Market & Deli.

The owner had just pulled a batch of smoked turkey from the grill, and he let me sample a taste. The moist morsel was full of flavor, and it sold me on ordering a sandwich made with the same ($7.99). The menu doesn’t specify that sides are included with sandwiches, but he asked me what I wanted as a side, so I ordered potato salad. Turned out, it wasn’t available that day, but he had made a batch of macaroni and cheese, which I did not see listed on the menu. That sounded fine to me.