Phuket Fantasea Show Offers Real Adventures of Thailand’s Ancient Historical Culture and Tradition


Phuket Fantasea show is one of the famous cultural entertainment night located on the Kamala Beach. This show offers a wide range of opportunity to people to discover the various parts of Thailand. It is show that is blend with sound and light, different types of food, architecture and magnificent special effects technology. Here you can watch Thailand’s classical dance form that is really unique. This show is a production of Las Vegas and a blend of beautiful Thai culture with sparkling illusions, aerial ballet, pyrotechnics, acrobatic, elephant performances and outstanding shows. You can see one hundred acre theme complex that is filled with several of entertainment activities. Well, it can be said as a Carnival spot that is packed with shopping, games and Thai handicrafts. If you are a real food lover then taste some of the best Thai and international cuisines in the four thousand theme restaurant.

Phuket Fantasea show is actually a Las Vegas style show that uses special effect to glow the attractiveness of Thailand’s mysteries, myths in an amazing extravaganza. Here you will get a huge stage and the performance place is huger. You can watch the real Thai traditional dances, shadow puppets and outstanding wardrobe. The best thing and the major attraction about Phunket Fantasea show is elephants. Thai people love elephant very much and here you can see elephant actors. In supporting roles you will get water buffalo, goats, doves and roosters. You can see all these animals in glamorous costumes and showing their unique performances. Buying tickets are really easy, as you can get that in front gate. You can also get Banquet combo tickets and in the Banquet palace you will get five thousand seats. There are lots of junk food stalls inside, where you can junk your favorite food and can have a sip of different fizzs.

You can your family can have a great time here at Phunket Fantasea show and can also try different cultural performances. The most unique act you can see by the bartenders. They flip, spin and toss bottles while grooving their body with techno music. All these bars are open air and any one can watch their performance absolutely free. If you want to get involved in shopping activities then you can shop in various stalls. These stalls are specially designed to fit your taste and truly affordable. You can dress yourself in Thai traditional costume and don’t forget to click some pictures in photo studio available here. Phunket Fantasea show is one of the best shows in Thailand and you can enjoy different fun filled activities. Your time here will be unforgettable and pleasurable one. Feel the hospitality of Thai people and have a nice tasty buffet at Golden Kinnaree Restaurant. Therefore, plan your next traveling holiday to Thailand and come to Phunket Fantasea show. This place can be your dream destiny and coming here make you feel to come back again. Grab the best, as this show will provide you all those things that you wished.

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