Restaurant review: CB’s Jamaican Jerk, Biloxi

If you have ever sat down to a plate of delicious and hearty Jamaican food at CB’s Jamaican Jerk in St. Martin, you have got to know how exciting it is to know that CB has opened a Biloxi location!

It’s on the first floor of the old library, with La Beignet Café still upstairs.

It may not seem a likely location, but once you see what owner Clearance CB Brown has done with the place, any concerns will be alleviated. It has a beautiful handmade bamboo bar, very cool Jamaican-inspired bar stools and a thatched roof. The dining room is lime green, cool and inviting.

CB’s has the most concise menu I have ever encountered, but when you are putting out food this good, more is not necessarily better. The menu is only five strong, with the occasional special, but CB is adding more fish to the menu soon. I just can’t wait to try the new Jamaican shrimp special!

I would be hard-pressed to pick my favorite choice on the menu, but Bad to the Bone BBQ Ribs would be close. This is Jamaican-style, and spiced smoked ribs and has little to do with the style of Deep south ribs you might be used to, but CB’s ribs are my all-time favorite smoked ribs, and I have eaten ribs all over the South.

Tender, but still flavorful, spicy, and just messy enough to require a handful of napkins. Other customers have called them ”as close to heaven as you can get.” If for no other reason, visit CB’s for the ribs.

But here are a few more reasons to visit! Next, I would have to say is the oxtail stew. This is the type of meal you look for when you need a deeply soul satisfying meal. So rich and hearty, and along with a side of rice and peas, and steamed cabbage, life will get much better, quickly.

This dish is so deeply satisfying, it is hard to imagine. The curry chicken is another dish that is tender and delicious. It is of course a Jamaican-style curry and perfect in every way.

The Authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken is divine, and the jerk seasoning (homemade of course) is perfect.

The last offering on the menu is a perfect hot summer’s day meal. It’s Jamaican escovitch (Escabeche) fish, or a fish cooked in lime juice and other good things.

I do not know how to better entice you to visit CB’s in Biloxi. It is heaven on earth, culinarily speaking.

CB and his staff are a delight, the restaurant is bright and spotlessly clean, and you will get a good dose of Jamaican music while you are there.

But most of all, you will have a stunningly good meal, and you will be back again, and soon!

CB’s Jamaican Jerk, Biloxi

Location: 124 Lameuse Street, Biloxi

Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday–Saturday, closed Sunday

Tel: 228-327-2444