May 20, 2022


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Restaurant review: Kimmy’s Kitchen D’Iberville, Mississippi

It’s not very often that you see a restaurant review that says, “Everyone should try everything!”

But there aren’t many places like Kimmy’s Kitchen in D’Iberville. Chef and owner Kimberly Jenkins says her restaurant serves soul and Southern food, a genre that is certainly underrepresented on the Coast. We have plenty of burger joints, plenty of cafes and coffee shops, and more than enough po-boy places, but how often do you see turkey necks and pork chop sandwiches on a menu?

Jenkins was taught to cook by her mom, and she was an enthusiastic student. By the time she was in middle school, she was cooking for friends. She has been in the restaurant business for more than 10 years, but this is her first time as an owner. The restaurant is small, and most orders seem to be takeout.

The food is cooked to order, so calling in your order is a good idea. If you just walk in, plan on waiting fifteen or twenty minutes for your food.

The menu is a single page, with half of it describing the daily specials. There are two-to-four specials every day, and I highly recommend them all.

Here’s a sampling of them:

Monday: Shrimp and grits with fried catfish

Tuesday: Red beans and rice with sausage, with an option to add fried chicken or a pork chop

Wednesday: Turkey necks, pot roast beef and rice

Thursday: Baked checking with cornbread dressing

Friday’s special is something I’ve never seen before: a turkey neck boil. Kind of like crawfish, the necks are boiled and served with potatoes, corn sausage and eggs. It’s seriously delicious, by the way.

The daily menu has 18 options, including chicken wings and fries, catfish, four burgers, a catfish sandwich, loaded fries with bacon and cheese and loaded fries with chicken, bacon and cheese.

The one offering that I found irresistible was the fried pork chop sandwich, which was my lunch on the day of my visit, and it was sensational.

The perfectly fried pork chop is served on white bread, with tomato, lettuce and onion and I always order extra mayo. I do not think I have had a better lunch in ages.

There are also four dessert options: banana pudding, peach cobbler, cake slices and fruit nachos (a real novelty). Remember, everything here is homemade.

I really like Kimmy’s. It’s as friendly as can be and the food is just delicious. But while you are looking at the menu, check out the prices. The friend pork chop sandwich that I enjoyed so much was only $4.99. The banana pudding is $2.99, simple hamburger with fries is $6.99 and you can order a kid’s lunch of a grilled cheese sandwich and fries for just $3.50.

I can promise you that Kimmy’s Kitchen is going to be a regular stop for me. I often do not feel like cooking, and to be able to have a meal that reminds me of the home cooking I grew up on is an option I cannot resist.

If you go to Kimmy’s Kitchen

Address: 10523 Lemoyne Blvd., D’Iberville

Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, closed weekends

Phone: 228-239-1125

Kimmy’s Kitchen 2.JPG
The fried pork chop sandwich at Kimmy’s Kitchen in D’Iberville. Julian Brunt Special to the Sun Herald

Kimmy’s Kitchen 1.JPG
The fried catfish platter at Kimmy’s Kitchen in D’Iberville. Julian Brunt Special to the Sun Herald