February 28, 2021


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The Best Italian Restaurant in all of Manhattan

It’s no doubt that Italian cuisine has woven its way into American culture, especially when dining in New York City. You’re presented with plenty of Italian restaurants, and they are all pretty similar. But have you ever craved a true taste of Italy beyond the confines of the five boroughs, without having to actually buy a plane ticket? Trust me, I know exactly the place you’re looking for.

Italian food is genuine when it not only ignites a cascade of fireworks on your taste buds, but also when it sort of hugs your soul with arms of love and comfort. For Italians, food is a love language. Given this, when you finally try the authentic Italian food at Fabio Cucina Italiana, the whole experience is going to taste like it came straight from a Nonna’s kitchen. Nested in Midtown East at 214 E 52nd St, it is the one single Italian restaurant to visit for Italian food like no other.

I first heard of this spot in February, 2020, when my grandma wanted to meet me for lunch in NYC. She chose Fabio’s because she has known one of the chefs, Chicco Asante, for ages, and has witnessed his climb to well-deserved success. My mistake was expecting his selection to be average, but I was proven wrong; Chicco Asante and the other chefs at Fabio’s are more than just food makers, they are food artists.

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More Than Just Taste

Immediately we were greeted with a beautiful interior, the sound of Andrea Bocelli’s operatic voice, and a blissful aroma of bread and garlic. The menu is overwhelming in the best way possible, with plenty of choices to satisfy any craving. A mountain of creamy house-made pasta paired with fresh chicken breast was kindly brought to my table, and I couldn’t resist indulging. I kid you not, in those moments I felt like I was sitting in a restaurant in the heart of a little Italian town enjoying a Wednesday afternoon lunch. It’s impossible to use words to accurately capture the essence of every life-changing bite that you take at Fabio’s, which is why you need to try it yourself!

After settling from what was definitely the most enjoyable meal I’ve ever experienced, we were treated with an original and spontaneously designed dessert dish. This was absolutely the most beautiful display of a restaurant dessert that I have ever seen…I was in awe of the little details, such as the raspberry sauce drizzled delicately across the plate. The mango panna cotta was creamy, fluffy, and had just the right amount of bounce to it. Along with this was a halved mango, filled with homemade mango sorbet topped with raspberries! It was fruity and refreshing and so creative. Not to mention I got to enjoy slices of fresh melon as well.

Italian Restaurant
Italian Restaurant

New York’s Finest Italian Establishment, Even in a Pandemic

To conclude my experience at Fabio’s, my grandma and I got to sit down with Chicco and thank him for the love and effort he poured into our meals. The restaurant’s foundation of passion and authenticity truly seeps into every ingredient that makes up the array of true Italian dishes offered here.

Luckily, this love can be experienced even during a pandemic. Fabio Cucina Italiana is offering outdoor seating as of July 12, 2020, as well as takeout and delivery. The restaurant is doing everything they can to keep their customers safe and healthy, including meeting CDC guidelines for social distancing and PPE. They are open from 1:00 PM-11:00 PM Monday thru Saturday, and 1:00 PM-10:00 PM on Sunday’s.

A post shared by Fabio Cucina Italiana (@fabio_cucina_italiana)
A post shared by Fabio Cucina Italiana (@fabio_cucina_italiana)

This Italian restaurant is nothing short of a life-changing experience, and I strongly urge you to take part in it. It’s nice to have a taste and feel of Italy without having to hop on a plane just yet!