The Houston standard for fried chicken, Frenchy’s, celebrates 52 years this weekend

Fast-food chains can incorporate more chicken options into their menu and add their own twist to the cultural phenomenon that is the chicken sandwich, but nothing beats the Houston-based Frenchy’s franchise. 

This weekend, to celebrate the restaurant’s 52 years of business in the Houston area, Frenchy’s will have an “Anniversary Special” for patrons.

The meal will cost $2 for a two-piece chicken, along with fries and a roll. A minimum purchase of $10 will be required to take advantage of the deal. For more information, you can visit the restaurant’s Instagram page. 

On July 3, 1969, the beloved chicken business opened at 3919 Scott St. in Third Ward. The restaurant’s old Third Ward outpost was located across the street from Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church before it was torn down. 

The founder of Frenchy’s Chicken, Percy “Frenchy” Creuzot, came from humble beginnings, and his Southern ingenuity turned a small po’boy shop into a successful chicken business. 

If you walk into almost any Frenchy’s today, you can read the restaurant’s history on the wall, telling a story of its Creole roots. According to Frenchy’s, Creuzot was originally from New Orleans and came to Houston in 1965 to work as a traveling salesman. But his career pivoted from sales to cuisine as he started selling New Orleans-style sno-balls, and soon after, the family-run business would expand to selling po’boys and name the shop Frenchy’s. 

Saturday marks 52 years of the popular Houston chicken joint being in business. For many, the famed chicken spot is a sweet reminder of an after-Sunday service meal, especially with its tasty desserts like pralines and peach cobbler. 

Not far from Houston college campuses, the restaurant has held onto its mainstay meal deal the “Three Piece Campus” and has been a staple in Houston ever since. Even the Houston transplants seem to agree that Frenchy’s is everything we hype it up to be. 

Not only do Houston residents enjoy the chicken, but the restaurant is also a huge favorite of Houston stars. 

The Third Ward Queen Beyoncé is a huge fan of the crispy fried chicken and the dirty rice, and years ago, Paul Wall even did a commercial for the popular restaurant. 

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Mayor Sylvester Turner has also vouched for Frenchy’s tasty fried bird.