The New Moon in Cancer Wants You to Treat Yourself to All Your Favorite Things

Hello, beautiful cosmic beings of light, love, and everlasting growth. Yes, you’re growing— even when you don’t feel like you are. This year has been a lot and it’s only July. After a pretty intense few months—eclipses in the signs Gemini and Sagittarius, plus Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Neptune Retrogrades—we have plenty of reason to stay at home and chill out!

On July 9th, 2021 at 9:17 P.M. EST, the Moon will make a conjunction to the Sun in the sign of Cancer. This New Moon is the perfect time to give yourself permission to do what feels good. If you’ve felt tired, then take a nap. If you want some comfort food, then babe, it’s time to pig out! If you have loved ones to cuddle, there ain’t nothing wrong with getting close! Cancer is an extremely nurturing sign, which means that the energy of this day is all about making sure that you get your needs met. This New Moon offers no room for meanies or monsters, so please be kind to yourself and others.

Read your New Moon horoscope by Sun/Rising sign:


What a beneficial time to stay inside! Of course, you can travel to your favorite café, a close friend’s home, or spend time with family—you’re in charge, Aries. Just know that the stars suggest that you’ll find the most emotional fulfillment by staying within your comfort zone.


This is the time time to speak your truth. Let the words roll from your tongue with ease and comfort. This New Moon is giving you no reasons to push your boundaries—in fact, you’ll benefit when you honor your sensibilities. Take time to tend to your heart and remember, some people don’t deserve to hear what you have to say.


Hello beautiful, it’s time to treat yourself! You can’t spoil yourself all the time, but this New Moon is giving you the permission to honor your inner child. Go to your favorite childhood restaurant or make yourself one of your favorite little-kid meals. You will be surprised how much Froot Loops and Cheerios can boost your mood; you’re never too old for the snacks that make you smile!


What a wonderful way to start hot girl summer, babe! The New Moon in Cancer is where? Yup, you guessed it—in your house of self! This new Moon is all about reviving yourself and letting yourself bloom. Try out a new style or put on your best clothes. It’s time for you to announce yourself to the world, face-first!


It’s always complex when the New Moon is in your house of the subconscious. The New Moon in Cancer will bring up emotions that you can’t quite put words to, which can feel frustrating. You could be especially sensitive to criticism and critique right now, butit’s important you don’t let it get to you. Where there is insecurity, there’s also the opportunity to create stability.


Are you ready to make new friends? There’s no rush to let people in—it’s better that you move at your own pace. Be open to making acquaintances and give the new souls in your life the opportunity to get close to you. You’ll have to share your ideas, thoughts, and vulnerability—which isn’t the worst thing! Use discernment and watch how the relationships you develop can upgrade you.


Okay, Libra, there’s something about this summer that is giving you the extra spice that you’ve needed. This New Moon is blessing you, babe. Working on yourself always produces results and you’re going to see what kind of rewards your labor brings. Be willing to step on the pedestal and let yourself be seen. New career opportunities await you!


Keep your ears open and your mouth closed, and you might actually learn something. This New Moon is giving you endless blessings, if you’re willing to receive them! Be open to being schooled—education is fundamental and can help you cultivate your desires. or consider taking a flight to visit a friend—it’ll help you feel good!


Open yourself to emotional intimacy and being close to others. You’ve had a pretty rough year and a half—the South Node in Sagittarius has been humbling you since the start of 2020. Remember, it’s okay to lean on those closest to you. Take note of the people who don’t hold you up when you need them, and act accordingly. You are loved, and it’s important to allow yourself to be cared about!


Oh, what’s this—a new love affair? If you’re open to love, then consider yourself lucky. This New Moon is giving you a special spark with someone that could have long term potential. The best places to find your next lover are at the gym or spa. Keep it cute and put on your favorite workout attire, and you’ll be surprised by who gravitates to you.


Are you willing to switch up your daily routine? Consider dipping your toes into new cultural experiences. Taking a cooking class that helps you better understand what your ancestors were eating can help you better understand yourself. Signing up for dance classes that connect you with your heritage can have meaningful results. Don’t be shy!


Grant yourself the permission to be sensitive, Pisces. Be willing to write your thoughts without criticism, draw without the expectation of perfection, and sing and accept the voice that escapes from your mouth. You’re being given the ability to creatively process during this New Moon. Be soft with yourself and watch as the results speak for themselves!

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