What is Vegetarianism and Why You Should Eat Vegetarian Food

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It is the following that Sadhguru explains in this article: “What kind of food you eat should not depend on what you think about it, or on what you believe, but on what your body needs.” Never trust your doctors or nutritionists when it comes to food. The body is about food.

Sadhguru: You should eat foods that your body craves, not based on what you think or value. You are what you eat. It is best not to ask your doctor or nutritionist about food because these people change their opinions every five years. If you want to know what kind of food the body likes, ask it. If you try different types of food, you will feel different afterwards.anchay.vn Your body is happy and agile when it feels energetic, agile, and nice. The body doesn’t seem happy if it has to be pumped up with caffeine or nicotine to stay awake, isn’t it?

You will be able to tell what kind of food makes your body happy if you listen to your body. You listen to your mind right now. You keep being deceived by your mind. Have you not been lied to before? Your mind is telling you that this is it. You’ll feel stupid tomorrow for believing it yesterday. Think twice before you act. Be a good listener.

Animals and all creatures know what to eat and what not to eat. Humans are the most intelligent species on earth, but they don’t even know what to eat. Humans have no idea what to eat, never mind how to be. Listening to your body takes mindfulness and attention. With that information, you know what to eat and what not to eat.

The quality of food you consume is much better for you if you are a vegetarian than if you are a non-vegetarian. Our focus is not on morality. We just look at what works for the body – we eat foods that are comfortable in the body. To accomplish anything properly, whether it’s business, study, or any other activity, it is essential that your body is at ease. It makes sense then, that we should eat the kind of food with which our bodies are most at ease and would not struggle to get nourishment from.

Vegetarianism: A Step-by-Step Guide

Eat vegetarian food in its live form and see what a difference it makes when you eat it. We should consume as much live food as possible – anything that is still alive. Living cells contain everything needed for survival. Live cells will give you a sense of health that you have never experienced before. We destroy the life in foods when we cook them. The system does not receive the same amount of life energy when we eat foods that have been destroyed. When you consume live foods, you feel more alive. It is important that you consume lots of sprouts, fruit, and vegetables that are alive; if you ingest at least 30% to 40% live food, you will see that it sustains the life within you as well.

You are what you eat. Our diet is composed of other forms of life – the other forms of life are giving up their lives to sustain ours. The food will behave very differently in your body if we eat with gratitude for all the living things that give up their life to sustain us.