3 Different Ways to Use Persian Fairy Floss in Your Dishes

Persian Fairy Floss Pudding | Tastemade

Persian cuisine is not all about healthy and flavourful dining options. There are also plenty of sweet treats under its belt. This is all made possible with Persian Fairy Floss or Pariya Pashmak. Persian Fairy Floss is like cotton candy and is made out of sugar. It is usually served with a wide assortment of fruits, ice cream, puddings, cakes and other Iranian-inspired desserts.

There are plenty of different varieties of the fairy floss. The Chinese have one, called the Dragon’s beard candy. In Turkey, it is referred to as Pismaniye. As for the Persian Fairy Floss, it is believed to be introduced commercially in the market back in 1994. It is now available in different countries and is a favourite addition for sweet treats.

Also known as Persian Cotton Candy, the fine weaved treat is usually collected into a mass, like the usual cotton candy that we all love, and usually served on a stick. Interestingly, there are many uses of Persian fairy floss and different ways to enjoy it.

Persian Fairy Floss Recipes You’ll Love

Fruit Salad

What makes fruit salad even more delicious? Adding fairy floss in it. Salads usually feature a sour flavouring that can be appealing for some. A few dash of Persian fairy floss in it will definitely do wonders. If you are looking to prepare something festive, suited for the joy of the occasion, adding fairy floss to your menu is a sure hit. Simply add a few strands, or even more on top of your fruit salad. There are plenty of fairy floss flavours to choose from. You can have chocolate, orange, pistachio, rose, saffron and vanilla.


Cupcakes are considered to be a staple treat in most homes. It is served in different flavours, a few in different sizes and is always enjoyed with love and adoration. A vanilla cake flavoured cotton candy would be a perfect base for a delicious vanilla frosting, topped with ethereal fairy floss in vanilla flavour. It would be an explosive vanilla experience for anyone. What’s even great about this recipe is the tendency of the fairy floss to melt into the icing, adding more sweetness to the treat.

If you feel that too much sugar is not for you, you can always stick with minty flavours of cupcakes for your Persian fairy floss topped cupcake treat.


Pudding is a flavoured custard-like treat that is basically made up of sugar, milk, thickening agent and egg yolks. Others use cornstarch as the main base of the sweet dish. Pudding can be more interesting by incorporating Persian fairy floss in it. After whipping up your usual pudding recipe, add the chilled pudding on the serving glass then top it with the prepared fairy floss. Dollop it with raspberry jam followed by a sprinkle of pistachios.

Although Persian fairy floss is usually used as a decorative and flavourful topping for most sweet treats, it is on its own. It is usually a perfect addition to citrus flavoured fruits like lemon gooseberries, rhubarb and kefir. Fairy floss works well with yoghurt too.