Favorite Asheville-made products to put in your pantry

Asheville is known to be rich with great local restaurants, but the city also has an uncommon amount of local makers.

What’s the secret to our good fortune? A wealth of local ingredients at our fingertips is only part of it.

There’s also a decent appetite for locally made goods from shoppers willing to search out some of the best local stuff and an opinionated bunch of people willing to tell us what’s good. 

There’s also a certain X-factor about Asheville, said Josh Armbruster, chef de cuisine at The Market Place: the Asheville hustle, meaning the lengths creative people go to turn their talents into a gig. 

“Pop ups, food buskers, Paul Choi doing drawings, all the small businesses that find that niche and run with it,” said Armbruster. “It happens everywhere, but I feel the challenges of the Asheville economy spur creativity.”