How to Make YOUR Recipes Candida Diet Friendly


You’ve collected recipes for years and now you find out you have a candida overgrowth and have to eliminate yeast from your diet. A cursory search of your recipe file and all those nice cookbooks you’ve had for years makes you realize just how many foods contain yeast. Not only yeast, but foods that quickly convert to sugar in your stomach and feed the yeast that are already there what they love.

This makes high carbohydrate foods a problem. So, there goes your favorite beef stew recipe with all that corn, potatoes, and carrots! Not to mention all that pasta made with white refined flour.

The first step to rewriting your recipes to aid in your diet for candida is to become familiar with what foods you should be eating to eliminate the excessive yeast in your system and what foods you should be avoiding.

Here’s the short list of what to avoid:

  • Bread products
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar, high fructose corn syrup
  • Vinegar and products that contain vinegar
  • Fermented foods – sauerkraut and cider
  • “Moldy” foods – such as cheese and dried or smoked meat
  • Cured meat – bologna, bacon, mortadella
  • Mushrooms
  • Peanuts
  • Soy Sauce
  • Canned tomatoes

Here’s a short list of good foods:

  • Vegetables, especially green, leafy vegetables
  • Beans
  • Beef, poultry, and fresh,uncured pork
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Eggs
  • Seeds and nuts

Once you’ve got the two above lists well in mind, start going through your recipes. I started with my favorites so I would not feel deprived. I revamped my beef stew recipe by changing the beef to chicken, dropping the corn, using just 1/2 a potato and 1/2 a carrot, and adding green beans, zucchini, and cauliflower. To thicken the sauce, I used a little arrowroot instead of flour. It was just great!

Another great favorite of mine is crab cakes. When I lived in Delaware, I lived right on the beach with a slough behind me. I would go to the dock on the slough and toss out my crab pot during season and pull it up when I got home from work. It would usually be loaded with crabs and crab cakes became an obsession.

The problem was, my favorite recipe used bread crumbs to hold the crab together. So, what did I use instead? I ground up almonds. Yep, that’s right, almonds. Not only are they good for you, they really didn’t change the flavor and I even started coating the crab cakes with almond meal before I either baked or fried them. Yum!

If you do this, one recipe at a time, as well as adding more healthy foods to your diet, you may discover, like I did, that when my yeast overgrowth was gone and I could start adding yeastie foods back to my diet (slowly, taking note of how I felt afterwards) I realized that I liked my new way of eating and the heavier, carbohydrate meals I was having before didn’t appeal to me so much anymore.

It’s really easy to do this one by one. On my website you will find more recipes and a mini-course, “10 Secrets to Living Yeast Free” that will help you tackle this problem. Check out the links below.

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