Quinoa Can Be Good For Sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS


Irritable bowel syndrome – IBS – is a debilitating stomach disorder that many suffer from. It can completely stop you from living your life normally. The disorder is not ever present for most sufferers. It comes for a time due to perhaps an unknown food intolerance or a mad phase of binge eating. You can also develop the disorder through stress or as a result of other illness. You recover from the illness to find yourself suffering from IBS. There are some people who live with it almost constantly and they have to regularly monitor their diet and medication to achieve some semblance of normal life.

Quinoa as part of the solution

Quinoa is a good food for inclusion in a diet for people who have IBS. It is very good for many stomach and digestive problems because it is easy to digest but still has a very high fiber content. It also has a very high protein count and is described as a complete protein. The other benefit of quinoa is that it is one of the least allergenic foods. It is completely natural and unprocessed so doesn’t create problems and surprises for people who need to watch their diet carefully.

How to help by using quinoa in your diet

Quinoa is not a cure all but as part of a strategy to improve the diet it is ideal. It is also very easy to include into an IBS preventative regime. It is most commonly used as an accompaniment to savory dishes instead of rice and pasta. This substitution on its own will help a lot of people straight away.

You can eat it as a type of porridge for breakfast with fresh fruit. You can also sprout it for use in salads.

Most people who suffer from IBS need to find easy wholesome foods to help solve their health problem and quinoa certainly will fit in with this aim.

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