January 27, 2022


Foodies welcome

Local man opens Family Soul restaurant in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — In a town known for gambling, this is a big one, opening a restaurant during a pandemic. 13 Action News reporter Alicia Pattillo shares a local food truck owner who decided it was time to step up his game.

“I was always in the kitchen with my mother,” said Family Soul owner Dan Chatman.


Chatman says he has always wanted to open his own restaurant and has been operating the food truck Soul Food Cafe Express for the past 10 years. Then last November, he opened Family Soul on North Rainbow Boulevard and Smoke Ranch Road.

“I stepped out on faith and I knew it was my time,” Chatman said.


With help from his daughter at the register and his mom in the kitchen, it’s definitely a family affair. Together they’re serving up some favorites from his food truck.

“We have an entrée that we call the people’s choice. It’s our catfish, yams and greens. Then we do oxtails every day. We do turkey wings every day,” Chatman said.


They also have combinations you won’t find anywhere else.

“The soul roll has the greens and the yams. It’s more of an egg roll type style,” Chatman said.

There’s also their take on the popular Hawaiian dish, the Loco Moco. This version is called the Soul Loco and is topped with macaroni and cheese, instead of an egg.


All these dishes add up to something Chatman says he feels is rather special, and hopes others are willing to give Family Soul a try.

“I’m crazy about my city. I do it for my city. I’ve been to other places and had great food. But I like to make it happen here in my city and have great food and give people somewhere to come,” Chatman said.