January 26, 2021


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Reversing Indoor Dining Is ‘Very Unfortunate’, Chamber Says

UNION COUNTY, NJ — Greater Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Gene Jannotti sympathized with businesses following Gov. Phil Murphy’s decision to postpone the reopening of indoor dining in New Jersey amid the coronavirus.

“It is very unfortunate for the restaurants to not be able to provide indoor seating even at only 25 percent. I am sure that many had requested their staff to return and had ordered additional food supplies in anticipation of opening up for more customers. I do hope that soon the restaurants can have indoor dining as promised,” Jannotti said.

The GWACC covers businesses in Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Garwood, Mountainside, and Westfield.

Indoor dining had been set to reopen on Thursday until Murphy “hit pause” on Monday due to the spikes in other states, which he says were largely driven by the reopening of indoor dining and bars. Read More: Gov. Murphy Postpones NJ Indoor Dining Reopen Amid Coronavirus

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Jack M. Ciattarelli of Hillsborough, who is running for governor of New Jersey for 2022, critizied Murphy’s decision to postpone indoor dining.

“These small business owners bought food, hired staff, spent thousands cleaning, preparing, and taking safety precautions. The vast majority of them, and patrons, never violated a word of the restrictions. All to have the rug pulled out from under them [because] of other states? Come on,” Ciattarelli tweeted.

As of Tuesday New Jersey has 461 additional coronavirus cases and 47 more deaths bringing the state’s total to 171,667 cases and 13,181 confirmed deaths.

“While the decision to pause the opening of indoor dining is disappointing, Governor Murphy has said from the beginning that he will make decisions based on science. With what is going on in other states that re-opened much more than we did, we’ve see a huge spike in the numbers. However, this decision means some local businesses will continue to suffer. I ask that we join as a community to support local restaurants through take out orders and outdoor dining,” said Garwood Mayor Sara Todisco.

To support local restaurants in and around Scotch Plains and Garwood that offer outdoor dining rooms and takeout, check out these lists:

Scotch Plains Restaurants Open for Outdoor Dining

Scotch Plains Restaurants Offering Takeout

Garwood Restaurants

  • &grain: 700 North Ave, Tues-Sun: 8am-2pm, Menu, (908) 232-2233, Takeout, Curbside Pick-up & Delivery (via UberEats)

  • Al’s Prime Meats & Deli: 345 North Ave, Menu, (908) 789-2770, Takeout & Curbside Pick-up

  • Benvenuti: 512 N Ave E, (908) 389-9999, Takeout & Delivery

  • Crossroads: 78 North Ave, Menu, (908) 232-5666, Takeout

  • Dunkin Donuts: 3232 North Ave, (908) 232-1680, Takeout

  • Grill Creations: 108 North Ave, Menu, (908) 264-8426, Takeout

  • Juice House: 510 North Ave, Menu, (908) 232-1377, Takeout

  • Lorenzo’s Family Restaurant: 117 Center St, (908) 232-6443

  • Magic Grill: 104 North Ave, Menu,(908) 789-2110, Takeout

  • Mama’s Pizza: (908) 789-3220, Takeout & Delivery

  • McDonald’s: 216 North Ave, Menu, (908) 789-1299, Takeout & Delivery

  • Moe’s Southwest Grill: 315 North Ave, (908) 232-4210

  • Mooyah: 325 North Ave, Menu, (908) 264-7106, Takeout & Delivery

  • Roma Pizza: 98 North Ave, Menu, (908) 789-1170, Takeout & Delivery

  • Rosie’s Wine Bar: 514 North Ave, (908) 518-9463, Takeout

  • Rudy’s: 300 South Ave, (908) 789-3061, Takeout

  • Taco Bell: 160 South Ave, (908) 518-0330, Takeout & Delivery

  • The Station: 99 Center St, (908) 233-4455

  • Wendy’s: 251 North Ave, (908) 228-2698, Takeout & Delivery

You can find more Scotch Plains-Fanwood businesses here and Clark-Garwood businesses here.

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This article originally appeared on the Scotch Plains-Fanwood Patch