May 19, 2022


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Taco Bell confirms it is removing multiple menu items: ‘Change is hard’

Taco Bell has confirmed it will be retiring certain food items after rumours regarding a smaller menu circulated earlier this month.

The news that the fast-food chain would no longer be offering menu items was first shared on Reddit by a user who claimed to be a Taco Bell employee.

“What doesn’t stay: All potato items, Quesaritos, Loaded Grillers, Triple Layer Nacho, Beefy Frito Burrito, Spicy Tostada, 7-Layer Burrito, (Unconfirmed) Nacho Supreme,” the user wrote on 10 June, adding that the restaurant would be adding two new menu items.

The rumour prompted dismay on social media, where customers expressed their disappointment over the removal of their favourite menu items.

On Friday, the taco chain confirmed the news that its offerings would be changing in a statement, where it revealed that it will be “simplifying” its menu.

“We’re clearing space on our menu to create a more efficient Taco Bell experience,” the company said. “Beginning 13 August, we will be simplifying our menu. This evolved menu approach comes after months of analysing the new way we are running our restaurants. We want to ensure an easy and fast ordering experience for our guests and team members, while simultaneously opening up opportunities for even more innovation.”

According to Taco Bell, the new simplified menu means items including the Grilled Steak Soft Taco, the 7-Layer Burrito, Nachos Supreme, Beefy Fritos Burrito, and Chips and Dips will no longer be available come mid-August.

Overall, the chain will be “retiring” 11 menu items amid the coronavirus pandemic to “streamline operations and make ordering faster, safer and easier than ever for customers and team members, especially while the pandemic has shifted priorities to the drive-thru and digital”.

While it will no longer appear on menu boards, the Quesarito is safe – as customers will still be able to order the menu item digitally through the Taco Bell website or app, according to the restaurant.

Taco Bell also said it would be introducing two new menu items – a $1 Beef Burrito and a Grande Nachos Box.

Despite the addition of new options, the confirmation that certain menu items would be gone forever wasn’t easy for some customers.

Taco Bell shared an example of its future menu (Taco Bell)
Taco Bell shared an example of its future menu (Taco Bell)

“I will never forgive Taco Bell for removing potatoes,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Wow. On top of everything else happening right now, @tacobell is removing the 7-layer burrito, all of the potato items, and just about everything else I order from their menu. Talk about kicking me while I’m down… this truly is the darkest timeline.”

“@tacobell is taking away the 7-layer burrito from its menu,” someone else wrote. “Whoever decided to do this has simply no soul. That’s like McDonalds removing fries from their menu and offering a void.”

In its statement, Taco Bell acknowledged that “change is hard” but expressed its hope for the future.

“While change is hard, a simplified menu and innovation process will leave room for new fan favourites, continued progress in categories such as plant-based diets, and even opportunities for the return of some classics on a limited-time basis,” the restaurant said before encouraging customers to visit Taco Bell locations and grab their favourites before they are gone for good.

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